We’ve all heard of TED Talks. Most of us have at least seen one, though the seduction of one generally leads to a binge. The conferences that go under the slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading” were first made public online in June 2006. To the delight of TED’s current Curator Chris Anderson and his team, the events quickly became viral. By November 2012, TED Talks reached its billionth online view, and by March 2016 over 2400 talks were freely available on the website. Perhaps the viral nature of spreading these ideas can be owed to the organisers, the keynote speakers, or the quality of the content shared. But the fact of the matter is that it wouldn’t have been such a success if the talks weren’t filmed and shared via the medium of video.

Whether it’s a meeting, conference, seminar, award ceremony, gala dinner, live music performance or simply a comedy show, one of the main purposes of an event is getting people there in the first place. You can have your marketing strategy in place, hand out flyers, post on various social media pages, send out emails to your extensive membership list, etc. But you’re only achieving 50% of your total marketing potential if you don’t include video in your strategy.

A video of your event is generally the deciding factor in getting people to attend the next one. Sure, a recommendation from a friend or a positive review can help in convincing someone to go, but a video puts the entire event into a realistic perspective of what that person can expect at the event. More importantly, you’re also catering to the people that aren’t necessarily able to attend the event. There is a staggeringly large online audience that would watch the video of your event, either learning from it if the inherent content is valuable, or sharing it via different social media platforms for its entertainment factor. Bottom line is that you’re increasing the scope of your audience, whether they’re attending the event or watching it from the comfort of their home.

The coverage of your event is furthermore not just for your market. It’s also a beneficial recording for your own or company’s use. In terms of yourself, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of your event through a different perspective. Keynote speakers or performers could also benefit by reviewing their presentation or act on stage. In terms of a company, the video can be used for archive purposes, to discuss and critique the outcome of the event, to train new staff members or existing ones on delivering a better customer service, etc.

Above all, filming your event boosts brand awareness, presents the opportunity to entertain both current and prospective clients, and can say so much more than a social media post or email trying to get people to sign up. Just keep in mind that the quality and length of the video are two fundamental aspects that need to be considered. Just because you have a video doesn’t automatically mean it’s beneficial, particularly if it’s stretched out and of poor quality or low definition. If you’re going to get a video produced, do it right. Video Branding Services (Pty) Ltd offers a full production service that can guarantee you a kickass branding video for your event! Email us on info@videobrandingservices.com for a quote and we’ll get right back to you!

So don’t even think twice. Make sure you have an awesome and punchy video for your event to maximise your marketing strategy. Who knows, perhaps it will become as viral as a TED Talk…

“You’re only achieving 50% of your total marketing potential if you don’t include video in your strategy.”